Establishing a career in an aviation industry has been gaining a lot of popularity across Australia. However, there are thousands of businesses for sale in Newcastle, NSW, aspiring students are driving more towards challenging professions. Menzies prides itself in offering aviation education from the past 15 years. We have a complete state of art structure for learning. The students come here with a dream to touch the sky. The accredited courses introduced by us help students chase their dreams.

Each course was developed by industry experts to teach and train future pilots using the best techniques.

The main goal of our experts while creating the ciricullum was to provide theretical and practical knowledge to everyone who comes to us for learning and training. Additionally, we are focused on giving hands-on instructions and support to students for making their learning experience memorable. Our coaches and teachers understand the dreams and ambitions of each student who enrolls for obtaining certifications, licenses, and training. Our team does its best to provide proper guidance to students and help them achieve great heights.

We have various full-time and part-time learning opportunities. Our professionally experienced teachers provide world class training in flying and flight instructor programs. We offer courses in commercial pilot learning, multi engine command instrument rating and Grade III flight instructor.

Our aim is to shape students into professionals. Who can fly fearlessly with some of the premium airlines. Our alumni’s are working with airlines such as Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Cathay Pacific.
Thus, we have gained a good reputation in the industry and trusted to produce good and reliable avian professionals.
The learning experience from the Menzies assists students to excel in their careers. Our aim is to offer flawless pilots to the aviation industry. Many people aspire to be pilots and realise their dream of flying. Being an aviation student with us, you can realise this dream of yours and ensure you get the best training and skills. Often students lack practical knowledge, but our schools specialises in on-field training which prepares our students for ground realities they may face while flying. So, if you haven’t enrolled yourself for our classes, then get in touch with our representatives to learn the eligibility criteria and seek counsel.

Students from every corner of the world are welcome. We offer recruitment to the international students in their home country as well. We also have accommodation facility for the international students.